Female fans of James Bond are in for a treat when new movie Skyfall hits cinemas later this year (12) - hunky Daniel Craig has slipped back into the tight swimming trunks he wore in Casino Royale.
The actor caused a sensation and won a legion of female fans when he emerged from the sea wearing the revealing shorts and showing off his ripped torso in his 007 debut in 2006.
He kept largely covered up for follow-up movie Quantum of Solace, but he'll be peeling off again in the upcoming spy film - a promo shot released by producers shows Craig sitting at the side of a swimming pool wearing the light blue trunks.
When told by British TV show Daybreak that the image has been released by movie bosses, Craig replied, "B**tards!"
In 2008, Craig vowed not to slip back into the swimwear, insisting, "I never want to put those things on again."