James Bond star Daniel Craig shocked revellers at the BAFTAS aftershow party on Sunday night (11FEB07) when he lashed out at well-meaning fans. Craig reportedly became increasingly incensed when award attendees praised his toned frame in Casino Royale - and snapped when a gay journalist complimented the tight swimming trunks he sported in the film. Writer JOHAN HARI says, "When we first spoke, he was in a vile mood. I just made a joke about how great he looked in his shorts in the film. "There were so many ways he could have reacted. But instead, he called me a f**king fool. I hadn't said it nastily. He could have just smiled and said he wasn't in the mood for a joke. But he was actively rude and seemed to snarl at me." A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mail Craig's behaviour was caused by his role as the superspy being overshadowed by his physical appearance. The source says, "Daniel sees himself as a serious classically-trained actor (who) brought real depth to the role of Bond. "Everyone from (the host) JONATHAN ROSS downwards spends the night talking about how buff he looks in swimming trunks."