Modern offerings from suave superspy James Bond have been shunned in favour of old classics in a new poll of the best car chase, girl, gadget and villain in the hit franchise. SIR Sean Connery's Goldfinger was voted ultimate film in the series ahead of Pierce Brosnan's GOLDENEYE, which only garnered 12 per cent of votes. And it was Ursula Andress - the first ever Bond girl - who beat out competition from Halle Berry and Famke Janssen to clinch the title of sexiest leading lady with her memorable stroll from the sea clad in a skimpy white bikini. Enduring villain ERNST STAVRO BLOFELD and his infamous white Persian cat clinched ultimate nemesis for feeding his victims to piranhas in six Bond outings. Other winners were the Lotus Esprit car in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, which pipped THUNDERBALL's jetpack to best gadget crown and Die Another Day to ultimate car chase.