James Bond star Daniel Craig has been voted the most stylish celebrity in the UK after his role in the latest super-spy hit film.

The tuxedo-wearing Bond topped the GQ magazine poll of stylish celebrities beating Conservative leader DAVID CAMERON and fellow actor Clive Owen to the top spot.

Other well-known faces to make the list of snappy dressers include LITTLE BRITAIN star DAVID WALLIAMS, Jude Law, chaotic Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty and David Beckham.

Speaking of JAMES BOND's penchant for dinner wear, the magazine declared "no Bond since Sean Connery has worn it better".

However, the tight trouser-wearing, scarecrow-haired funnyman RUSSELL BRAND was voted the worst dressed celebrity  despite also coming eighth on the list of snappy dressers.

The magazine explained: "Some can't stick him but to others he's British exuberance encapsulated."

Meanwhile, Cameron, who took over as head of the Conservatives in December 2005, has embarked upon a charm offensive with his trendy, casual dress sense, with the magazine claiming he is a politician "who understands the news agenda is set as much by appearance as it is by words".

02/04/2007 11:52:36