Former James Bond star Timothy Dalton has warned current 007 Daniel Craig he faces "all kinds of s**t" playing the world famous secret agent. Dalton - who played Bond in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS and LICENCE TO KILL in the late 1980s - was bombarded by obsessive fans during his stint as 007. The 63-year-old actor says, "I shouldn't laugh. But he's going to get all kinds of s**t. "The attention with Bond is huge - overwhelming. You can be told what's going to happen, but the only people who can understand it are Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, myself, GEORGE LAZENBY, Sean Connery and Roger Moore. "I was still able to walk down the street and go to the pub, but there are awful moments like when you're waiting for a plane and a bunch of people decide to descend on you. They become blathering idiots when they ask you about Bond. "It's as if you came out of a zoo. You've got to talk about the body, the workout, the Aston Martin, the girls. It's a weird thing. People were cross that I didn't really drive an Aston Martin or a sports car."