James Bond producers are baffled by the diplomatic incident they caused by shooting Bolivian-set scenes for QUANTUM OF SOLANCE in neighbouring Chile - all over a war that ended 125 years ago.
Carlos Lopez, the mayor of Baquedano - 1000 miles south of the Chilean capital Santiago - was detained by police this month after he drove a truck onto the 007 set, to protest the shoot.
Film maker Michael G. Wilson admits he had no idea Chile still held a grudge over a 19th century conflict between the two countries.
He tells AOL Movies, "Some people in Chile are unhappy. I suppose we knew there was a war between them 125 years ago, but we weren't aware it was still an issue."
The disturbance was the latest in a string of problems to hit the production - last month (Mar08) a man was arrested for allegedly stealing the headlamps from Daniel Craig's car while he was busy filming scenes for the movie, and in February (08) the 007 star was reportedly caught up in a gun battle between rival gangsters while shooting in Panama.
Quantum Of Solace is set for release later this year (08).