James Bond will face off against a Russian villain in the new Danny Boyle-directed film.

The iconic British agent hasn't been pitted against a Russian since 1999's 'The World Is Not Enough', but that will changed with the much-anticipated new movie, after a casting call was sent out for a Russian male villain and his Russian female accomplice.

Producers of the money-spinning film franchise are looking for a 30 to 60-year-old leading male from Russia or the Balkans, who must also be ''charismatic, powerful, innovative, cold and vindictive''.

The female actress, on the other hand, must be ''very striking'' with ''strong physical combat skills'', according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The couple also appear set to have Maori hench­­man, who boasts excellent ''combat skills'' and is ''ruthless and loyal'' in the as-yet-untitled movie.

Meanwhile, Ben Whishaw recently revealed he wants his James Bond character, Q, to become the focus of the franchise.

The actor will return as the tech expert for the third time in the next installment of the spy saga - which will be Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond - and he hopes his part will get progressively bigger in the future.

Asked what he'd think if Q was the next 007, he said: ''Oh, yeah! I'd only do it if I could be Q, though, doing it. I don't want to jinx anything, but I'm definitely up for being more active.''

At the time, Ben also admitted there was still a lot of mystery surrounding 'Bond 25'.

Asked if he is officially returning for the next movie, he said: ''That's my understanding. I believe we're starting in December, so I haven't read anything or talked to anybody yet. But that's quite normal. It's all incredibly secretive until the last moment.''