James Blunt prefers to focus on his fans rather than Twitter trolls insulting him from behind a keyboard.

The 'You're Beautiful' singer has delighted followers for years with his witty and scathing comments on the social media website, and while the reactions from either side have left him surprised he certainly knows where his attention should lie.

Speaking to website Trouw.nl, he said: ''I am surprised by the reactions, both positive and negative. I get up to 10,000 people night after night watching me, but you might find four negative tweets online and they might affect me more, but I shouldn't forget that thousands of people have spent money to go to one of my concerts.''

The musician - who has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitter - hit out at the trolls with a scathing dig, making it clear what he thinks of his haters.

He added: ''The trolls have invested no time and spent no money, and are probably sitting in their bedroom with the curtains closed, so I prefer to focus on my fans.''

James, 43, explained his tongue-in-cheek posts on the social networking site are poking as much fun at himself as he is at those who've tweeted about him.

He revealed: ''What I do on Twitter is me laughing. Not only at those people, but also at myself.''

Last year, James released his fifth album 'The Afterlove' and admitted his ''sarcastic'' approach to Twitter led to his own record label - Atlantic UK - asking him to tone it down.

He previously said: ''They asked me to stop, they said it was bad for my brand. I said to my manager, 'This brand is broken already and maybe I can just be myself now.' ''