James Blunt unwittingly set his sister up with her future husband by posting an advert for a date on auction website eBay.

The British singer was using the online auction site to clear clutter out of his London apartment ahead of a tour when his sister found herself unable to get to a funeral in Ireland due to an airline strike.

Blunt posted an eBay listing asking for help getting his sister to the funeral, and the advert set her up with the man she later married.

The You're Beautiful singer tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "I came back to my flat (apartment) and my sister was the only thing left. She couldn't get to a funeral in Ireland because the planes were on strike, so the last thing I put on eBay was her, as 'damsel in distress needs knight in shinning armour, what can you do to get my sister to this funeral?' Various men bid and the man who won had a helicopter. They are now married and have two children together. He's a very nice man."