James Blunt has revealed his new album isn't inspired by astronauts in space.

The 39-year-old singer released his fourth studio album called 'Moon Landing' in October but admits the records moniker actually refers to performers who accidentally brush bottoms whilst undressing backstage.

He explained to The Guardian newspaper: ''In the dressing room, if you bend over and the person beside you bends over at the same time, and should your cheeks touch, that's a moon landing. You've associated it with space, but I was thinking of dressing rooms.''

The 'Stay The Night' singer admits he has suffered his share of wardrobe malfunctions on stage.

He added: ''I'm not a great wearer of boxers. I like to be free in my expression. I've torn my clothes, but fortunately I hold a guitar I can hide behind.''

James has released 'Moon Landing' following a short hiatus, but disputes claims by a newspaper that he had ''retired'' and insists that he had been recording new material.

He explained: ''I didn't tell them that. I'd just stepped off a world tour. They said: ''What are you up to?'' I said: 'I've just stepped off a world tour, I'm going home to wash my clothes.' They said I'd retired to my yacht in Ibiza with my model girlfriend. I was in a studio recording new material.''