James Blunt is using his tour with Ed Sheeran ''as practice'' for his own headline shows.

The 43-year-old musician is embarking on a three and a half month tour around North America with the 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker, and has joked that he'll be using the performances as a warm up to prepare him for his own tour of Europe in October.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at BBC Radio 2 Hyde Park on Sunday (10.09.17), James said: ''I'm on tour in America as Ed Sheeran's b***h. Opening up for him psychically and musically each night. We are on a three and a half month North American tour and basically I'm using him and the Americans as practice for Europe in October.''

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker's comments come after he recently revealed he was excited to be a part of the ''amazing experience'', and will be doing his best to win over a few new fans with his set.

He said: ''It's going to be an amazing experience coming to America to go on tour for three months with the biggest male solo artist in the world today. It will be a great thrill. It's his audience, and I'll try to win them over with some songs.''

However, James also warned fans that his shows are very different to Ed's because he is ''more inefficient'' than the flame-haired musician.

He explained: ''Firstly, I'm more inefficient than him and more foolish than him. He does it only with a pedal station, and I'll have a five-piece band, me and four others. Mine costs more to set up, but we have great fun. It's the same band I've had for many, many years. So you'll be able to spot that we're having lots of fun on stage.''

Ed and James will begin their tour of the US on September 12 in Omaha, Nebraska.