James Blunt recruited a beautiful journalist for a cameo in his latest music video after meeting her the day before the promo was filmed.

In the clip for Blunt's new single Postcards, the singer is seen enjoying a car ride with two female companions when he spots a long-legged lady on the sidewalk.

His two companions switch the car radio from Postcards to Blunt's breakthrough track You're Beautiful in an effort to help the singer woo the woman, and the Brit has now revealed the mid-video interlude had to be specially written to give the journalist who plays the woman a chance to appear in the clip.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "She was a journalist who'd interviewed me the day before. I'd asked if she'd like to be in the video, but the director said there was no space for her in the script. So we decided to just stop the video halfway through and have her walk past to the tune of You're Beautiful."