James Blunt loves performing in China - because he feels ''tall''.

The 'Bonfire Heart' hitmaker - who is just 1.7m tall - claimed he ''feels better'' about himself when surrounded by his fans in the far East because they are usually smaller than him, which is very unusual.

He said: ''I've just finished playing China, great fun, for me I like playing there because in Europe I'm a very small person, but over there I'm tall and it makes me feel better about myself.''

While James was overwhelmed by the response to his concerts in China, he admits his record sales didn't match up.

Asked if he is big in China, he told BBC Radio 2: ''Huge there! Oh sales? No, the Chinese don't buy much music, I think one person buys the album and distributes it very effectively among his friends because they knew every single word to every song, which was a great pleasure, I was grateful they were but I was thinking, 'Hang on - we've only sold one album here'.''