James Blunt is releasing his comeback album 'Moon Landing' later this year.

The 39-year-old singer - who retirement from the music industry last year - has been busy in the studio and just put the finishing touches to his fourth album, which will focus on his vocals.

James said: ''This is a much more personal album, and also quite back to basics.''

The singer announced he will release the title track 'Moon Landing' as a single and the whole album will feature production from Tom Rothrock, who worked on his huge international hit 'Back to Bedlam' in 2004.

He explained: ''It's about me and Tom, the producer, finding where the story all started and where we are now.''

James also promises plenty of soul searching on the album.

He wrote: ''I've just finished my new album in Los Angeles, and am so excited. It's a really beautiful sounding record, full of loneliness and longing. There's been a lot of love put into making it and I couldn't be happier with how it sounds... I really hope you like it too.''

'Moon Landing' is set for release on October 21.