Singer/songwriter James Blunt regularly visits anti-Blunt websites and has even thrown virtual tomatoes at himself in an online game. The English star was stunned to find UK-based website had created a musical game inspired from his debut hit YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, called YOU'RE GULLIBLE. The video game allowed users to throw tomatoes at a virtual Blunt while he sang You're Gullible. However, the game has since been taken off the internet, with the website's host citing "legal threats" from Blunt's record company. Blunt says, "I have quite a high score on that website. I cleared over 100 points." The former Army major admits he was prepared for the backlash, because the ballad was so huge worldwide. He explains, "I think it's there, it's prevalent, and so if something has put its head above the parapet, people will take a shot at it, and that's the industry in which we're in. I totally expect that."