Singer/songwriter James Blunt is desperately seeking a new girlfriend after splitting with longterm love CAMILLA BOWLER, and he is even considering auditioning lovestruck fans for the job.

The YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL singer was heartbroken when work pressures caused his split with the 21-year-old, but his fear of a lonely death is prompting him to find a replacement - fast.

He says, "I'm young, free and single. But I'm always looking for love because nobody wants to die alone.

"You just have to meet people and see what they're like in their mind. I would never rule out dating a fan."

And Blunt is hopeful his new found fame might will bring women flocking.

He says, "I definitely get more attention.

"People come to say hello to me in different ways. Saying hello can mean a lot of things, that's all I'll say!"