Pop newcomer James Blunt is so poor he can't afford somewhere to live - despite his disc Back To Bedlam being the best-selling album of 2005 in the UK.

The easy-listening singer/songwriter will have to wait until next year (06) before he starts to receive royalties from Back To Bedlam - which topped the charts in his native Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands - and his best-selling single YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.

Blunt says, "I haven't been paid, so actually I'm skint (penniless). I don't own a car or an apartment.

"Money doesn't mean that much to me anyway. I've been used to having no cash for years.

"And it would be crazy to have an apartment because I'm staying in hotels every day anyway.

"There is a point where the (sales) figures are so big you can't relate to them. I don't know what a million CDs look like. I just joke about sales figures. They live their own life, they don't change me for the better of the worse."