British singer/songwriter James Blunt has hit out at record bosses who told him he'd never succeed without an image makeover, because he was amazed they weren't more concerned with his music.

Blunt was initially rejected by record labels because his well-spoken accent was deemed to be unfashionable.

But the former UK army officer, who served in war-torn Kosovo in the 1990s, dismisses image judgements as trivial and stupid.

He says, "I thought, 'Well, who'd want to work with such narrow minded people?' It made me wonder if they were really interested in music at all."

He adds, "This business is nothing to be intimidated by.

"I treat music seriously, but, when it comes to notions of what is hip or fashionable, it is all pretty trivial.

"There are jobs where people struggle on a daily basis with matters of life and death. Nobody worries about your background or your image."