James Blunt was thrilled when Los Angeles police declined to file charges over an alleged hit and run accident in February (07), insisting he didn't hurt anyone. Blunt was accused of running over the leg of a photographer as he and then-girlfriend Petra Nemcova left a party at Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd's house on 23 February (07). In April (07) Blunt found out he would not be charged over the incident, which he insists didn't even take place. He says, "A paparazzo threw himself in front of my car. I was going about half a mile an hour. They have this trick where they try to get facial reactions out of you - that's what sells, apparently. "So if you're with a girl they'll be saying, 'I'm going to be jerking off over you tonight' and as a guy they'll be shouting and swearing at you. This guy claimed I'd run him over, despite taking pictures of the so-called accident. "I went to the police station and they said they had no interest in following up any of his claims."