James Blunt gave Weird Al Yankovic his permission to send-up his hit song YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL before record bosses stepped in and put a stop to the parody. Yankovic claims Blunt gave his blessing for his version of the song renamed YOU'RE PITIFUL, before executives from Atlantic Records refused to allow it to go forward. Yankovic tells website Ain't It Cool News.com, "It was originally supposed to be the lead single on (his new album) STRAIGHT OUTTA LYNWOOD. "James had given it his blessing and we had a release date set, and then his label found out about it and told me that I couldn't release the parody on my album under any circumstances. "Now, I always respect the wishes of artists, but since it was just a bunch of suits - who were going against their own artist's wishes, mind you, I had no problem offering the song as a free download on his website weirdal.com. "It was a viral worldwide hit within a few days."