LATEST: Pop star James Blunt is to undergo an operation on his little finger - after be broke it during an energetic stage dive at a U.S. gig.
The You're Beautiful singer suffered the injury mid-performance in Ashville, North Carolina, last month (Mar08).
But the former soldier now needs to have the digit rebroken by doctors and reset in plaster before he will be able to play the piano properly again.
Blunt admits he is apprehensive about the operation but knows it is necessary.
He says, "I need it to be right but the idea of having them take a hammer and smash my finger into two isn't so thrilling.
"I can't play the piano but I can still play the guitar with my remaining fingers. I need it fixed. I need all my fingers to work properly.
"Not just for performing but for partying."
Blunt is currently touring in Japan, New Zealand and Australia and will have to wait for a gap in his schedule before he can undergo the surgery.