Two aspiring singer/songwriters have blasted James Blunt for hindering their music careers - because comparisons to the YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL singer are ruining their credibility. Newcomers James Morrison and Paolo Nutini insist the label is unfair because they share nothing in common with the saccharine crooner and fear their chart offerings YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING and LAST REQUEST will suffer as a result. Morrison says, "If there's one thing that does my head in it's being compared to James Blunt. It makes me want to scream. I don't see any similarity in our music. James Blunt? Come on! "Just because I am a man, I play the guitar and my name is James - that's the only similarity." Nutini adds, "I don't think anyone who likens me to him can have heard my album. "I've met him and he's a nice guy, but I don't get the James Blunt craze. Once you scratch beneath the surface of his songs, there doesn't seem to be anything there."