James Bay is to take a break from touring at the end of the year to focus on writing his next album.

The 'Hold Back The River' hitmaker has been touring in support of his debut LP 'Chaos And The Calm' ever since it came out in March 2015, which means he's had very little time to start work on his follow-up.

However, he has now revealed he is to ''park'' touring so he can get into a studio, but he's a bit anxious as it has been so long since he's been in a recording studio.

He admitted: ''I cannot wait. But I'm not used to the studio. It's been a while.''

''I could tour forever but I'm excited to park that for the moment; write and record new stuff so I can come back with even more songs in the set.''

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter isn't sure where he's going to record the album after the last one was written in Nashville, Tennessee.

He told BBC Newsbeat: ''It's a whole alien experience. I could go find some shack in the middle of nowhere, Bon Iver-style or find some fancy studio in the middle of the city.''

James already has the skeleton of songs ready and will ''dig in'' once he takes a break from the road.

He previously said: ''I'm so busy playing live at the moment, but I have the beginnings of a lot of new songs and I find that very exciting.''

''But doing it in a tour bus isn't really the best environment. When I've got a bit more free time I'll really dig in.''