James Badge Dale didn't know his character in 'The Lone Ranger' existed.

The 35-year-old actor - who stars alongside Johnny Depp (Tonto) and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger aka John Reid) in Disney's movie remake of the hit 1950s TV series - admits he doesn't remember his character, who is the titular character's brother, existing in the original TV show and didn't watch it to prepare for his role.

Speaking to Collider.com he said: ''I don't ever remember watching the television show. When they told me that the Lone Ranger had an older brother, I was like, 'The Lone Ranger's older brother wasn't on the TV show!' Come to find out, he was in the first episode ever; he didn't make it out.''

The actor claims the big budget movie - which filmed in the desert in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona - was the most physically demanding shoot he's ever done, but he's proud of the result.

He said: ''We collaborate and work so hard and then we put it away while other people are working on it in a dark room. They create the film, and then we have this moment where we let everyone watch it. It's like you're watching a child go into the world. You're going, 'I hope you do okay.' ''

'The Lone Ranger' tells the origin tale of the titular masked hero and how he became a legend of justice with help from Native American warrior Tonto.