James Arthur wants to become an actor as he feels ''overlooked'' as a singer.

The 31-year-old singer feels that after his rise to fame on pop star search show 'The X Factor' in 2012 his music career is limited and although he's proud of what he's achieved thanks to the show, the 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker wants to explore other ways of expressing his creativity and thinks acting is in his future.

Speaking on UK TV show 'This Morning', he said: ''Sometimes I feel like there's only so far I can go when you take into consideration where I came from, you know, I can only feel like I'm gonna be overlooked for so long in this field. It's amazing what I've been able to do since 'The X Factor' and sometimes I feel like I kind of used to make music for myself and to inspire other people and my competitive ego sometimes gets in the way. Acting is a good, pretending to be other people and exploring another avenue of creativity.''

The 'Impossible' singer previously revealed his ambitions to become a ''Hollywood film star'' and believes he would have no problem channelling different characters as he's ''been in so many different situations'' and has overcome numerous problems, such as a battle with a drug addiction and coping with anxiety.

James has even vowed to have some of his many tattoos removed so more roles become open to him.

He previously said: ''I want to become a Hollywood film star. I genuinely would love to be in some movies. I am a massive film geek and I love movies. I have been through, and seen so many dramas and traumas, and been in so many situations that I can probably interpret a few different characters.

''I am even trying to remove some tattoos so I am not type-casted.

''I have been banging on about it to my management for ages. I will always make music, but I really want to kick off my acting career.''