British pop star James Arthur has slammed his promotions team for posting a series of "embarrassing" messages on his social media accounts.

The outspoken winner of The X Factor shares control of his page with his promotions team, who post messages promoting his album.

However the Impossible singer was apparently unhappy with several posts encouraging fans to buy the record as a gift for Mother's Day on Sunday (30Mar14) and take part in a 'Get Down Friday' competition, and he has now offered to give the job to a fan instead.

In a series of posts, he writes, "Hq please stop writing things like 'we think you would #Love This and that' or 'everybody #Getdown and buy this..' It's embarrassing... Stick to promoting (Britain's Got Talent winner) Paul Potts please. Thanks. #Love... The job is now going to an actual fan. Who wants the Hq job? #Love."

The comments prompted a response from Potts, who urged Arthur to be more thoughtful about what he writes on public forums and reminded him how important his team is.

Potts writes, "James Arthur you're a talented guy and ur (your) music is great. But you're not an amateur anymore. Criticising ur (your) promotion team openly on here... isn't the best idea. Their wages come out of your budget and there will come a time when you need them more than they need u (you)."