Jamelia will No Doubt be left red-faced with shame after she incurred the wrath of the three acid-tongued X Factor judges.

The 25-year-old singer, who rose to fame with the hit song Superstar, branded Leona Lewis, one of the talent show's finalists, as "Mariah Carey circa 1990".

Not one to take any criticism lying down, judge Simon Cowell said: "My advice to her would be to have a second hit then have an opinion.

"What annoys me about that is that when you get the chance to be successful and then someone else has the chance to be successful you should show them a bit of support."

Louis Walsh, usually the softest of the three judges, showed no remorse either, adding: "She's had one hit. There are much bigger stars than Jamelia."

And Sharon Osbourne also dismissed the singer, saying: "Can I just ask something? Who is Jamelia? This is all going over my head."


But it looks like before even becoming a star Leona has had more media training about not putting your foot in it like Jamelia, as she said magnanimously: "I didn't actually read about her comment but I heard about it. She is another female artist and someone asked me a question about her before all of that. I said: 'She's a female British artist and I support her'."

13/12/2006 09:21:33