R+B star Jamelia's pop career is at crisis point after she made gun gestures at an award ceremony.

The THANK YOU beauty recently revealed her violent sibling TUMBI 'MUSCLES' BECKFORD, 21, was jailed in December (04) for shooting dead a teenage male in a vengeance raid in 2003.

And it's since emerged she was surrounded by members of Birmingham, England's deadly Burger Bar Boys gang at London's prestigious Brit Awards in February (05).

Footage from the event features her shouting, "Big up to the Blood Brothers" - a reference to a new gang formed by her brothers - according to British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR.

Her record company reportedly now fear a backlash, and EMI chiefs are desperately working on ways to prevent her image from being tarnished.

Jamelia - whose other brother DON'TEY BECKFORD is also being investigated for his involvement in a gun crime - has now been told to stay silent in a move to overcome the recent shocking revelations, according to British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR.

An insider says, "It was bad enough that her brothers are involved in gun crime and seem to have a long rap sheet between them. But for her to be at the Brits making gestures is just too much."

23/03/2005 13:51