R+B star Jamelia has discovered behaving like a "bitch" is a vital part of her job, because people wouldn't respond to her demands if she was calm all the time.

The THANK YOU beauty admits she employs the feisty side of her personality when she wants something, and doesn't care if people criticise her for it.

But Jamelia vows she'll never repeat the diva-like antics of pop superstar Mariah Carey, who she deems guilty of making "irrational" demands for items which are totally irrelevant to her career.

She says, "Sometimes you have to be demanding to get what you want. If that upsets people, well, never mind. I'll demand what I think is in my best interests.

"Some people might call me bitch for it, but it's better for me in the long run. I like to be assertive, but not irrational. I'm not Mariah Carey."

09/05/2004 21:01