R'n'B star Jamelia is "doing OK" despite splitting from her former fiancé last week.

The 26-year-old has told the Sun newspaper that she is "not going to fall apart" for the sake of her two children.

She has the perfect distraction from her upsetting break-up with Millwall footballer Darren Byfield - hosting tonight's Mobo Awards at the Movinda club in London.

According to tabloid reports, Byfield's unfaithful liaison with a blonde model last year imposed pressures on their relationship which ultimately tore the couple apart.

The alleged affair was denied by both parties, however, and Jamelia dismissed the claims this week.

"I still love Darren and we will remain the best of friends," the Sun quoted the Superstar singer as saying.

"I absolutely know the rumours about him are not true and they played no part in our break-up."

Comments quoted in another tabloid today suggest that there was a problem with girls in nightclubs messing with her man, however.

"I got more and more p***** off at all the women in clubs who threw themselves at Darren," she told the Mirror.

"In the end it was just too much and our relationship suffered."

22/08/2007 10:13:45