Brit pop singer Jamelia has lashed out at X FACTOR stunner Leona Lewis labelling her a "poor man's Mariah Carey".

The Mobo presenter slammed Lewis saying that she was only famous because of the "hype" that her mentor Simon Cowell has surrounded her with.

She said: "When Simon stops all this stupid hype about her, that's when we'll see if she can deliver.

"Like every artist Simon has, she'll fade into obscurity eventually."

Jamelia was slightly more positive about the career of Cowell's other protege Will Young but added that this was only because the EVERGREEN singer is "talented" and "cut ties" with The Music mogul.

"Simon's lost it. He is disrespectful. Leona may be talented, but she's not worked as hard as me or others in the industry - fact."

Whether Jamelia's words ring true or not are yet to be seen, with Lewis due to release her new single Bleeding Love on October 22nd.

24/09/2007 14:00:00