British pop star Jamelia gave birth to her second daughter, TIANI BYFIELD, at a London hospital at 4.30 am today (21OCT05).

Tiani weighed in at 4.9 kilograms (8 pounds 8 ounces) and is Jamelia's first child with soccer star partner DARREN BYFIELD, and sister to Jamelia's daughter TEJA.

The SUPERSTAR singer says, "Darren, Teja, and I are over the moon."

The arrival of a baby girl has put an end to arguments over possible names for the child should it be a boy.

Jamelia complained during her pregnancy: "Every boy's name I suggest, Darren can think of a footballer with the same name, and he doesn't want to name his child after any footballers.

"So I'm just hoping for a sister for Teja - at least we agree on girls' names."