LATEST: R+B star Jamelia is reeling after England's deadly Burger Bar Boys gang released a film of her seemingly promoting gun violence - just four months after her brother was jailed for shooting a man dead.

The THANK YOU beauty recently revealed her violent sibling TUMBI 'MUSCLES' BECKFORD, 21, was jailed in December (04) for gunning down a teenage male in a vengeance raid in 2003.

And now the Birmingham gang - which was also involved in the shooting - have released a video on the internet to showcase their claimed status as R+B producers, which features footage of Jamelia surrounded by members of the Burger Bar Boys at London's prestigious Brit Awards in February (05).

In the clip, Jamelia makes a gun gesture and shouts "Pop, pop, pop. Big up the Blood Brothers" - a reference to a new gang formed by her brothers, according to British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR.

But Jamelia is reportedly urging websites to stop screening the film, and insists her controversial hand movement represented a hip-hop gesture not a firearm, and that the "Pop, pop, pop" is the sound of a bass drum, not gunfire.

A source at her EMI record label says, "Jamelia was devastated when she heard she was being linked to guns. After all she has been through, she does not need this to happen to her.

"She has been extremely worried about the repercussions of this ridiculous story. She asked someone to track down the film, and when we looked at it we saw the truth. We are happy to put the record straight."

06/04/2005 14:02