Jameela Jamil finds image retouching ''offensive''.

The 32-year-old presenter-and-actress wants to put an end to digital retouching on her photos and insists when sees pics of herself which have seemingly been altered to make her appear ''less ethnic'' it is hurtful as a proud woman of Indian and Pakistani descent.

She told BBC Radio 5 Live: ''When I get Photoshopped by magazines - some people change the shape of my nose to make my nose look less ethnic - they don't tell me and it's really offensive, I don't feel flattered when a magazine creates this 'flawless' version of me. Instead, I feel really offended because that's no longer my face. I've got a tiny Caucasian nose, my skin has been lightened, my pores have been removed, my stretch marks have been removed.

''I can't help but think, 'Wow, what I brought wasn't good enough'. Being Photoshopped is so offensive.''

Jameela left her job as a successful Channel 4 TV presenter in the hopes of making it big as an actress in Los Angeles, but admits people from the UK tried to discourage her from pursuing her dream before she landed a role in US comedy series 'The Good Place' alongside Kristen Bell, 37, and Ted Danson, 70.

She said: ''I was literally starting again and I was actively discouraged by everyone in England. Everyone said I was being mad, throwing away an eight-year career, and that I was too old - I was only 29 - too ethnic, and too fat to come over to Los Angeles.''