DUN-DMC star REVEREND RUN is terrified the killers who murdered his DJ Jam Master Jay three years ago (02) will try to kill him too.

The hip-hop star - real name JOSEPH SIMMONS - was left distraught when his pal was shot dead in his New York recording studios in 2002.

Since the incident, the 39-year-old has been convinced he's next in line for the murderers, who have yet to be found, and is amazed he is still alive.

He says, "I loved him. We have more than one body and he's not dead - we're all eternal beings.

"Jay did what he was supposed to do. When it was done, he was one of the greatest DJs that came from hip-hop.

"He put his number two pencil down. Jam Master Jay has left the classroom. We're still here.

"I don't worry so much about why Jay has gone. I worry more about why I'm still here."