Jam Master Jay's former business partner RANDY ALLEN has blasted reports portraying him as the "bad guy" in the rap star's murder investigation, insisting he wants the case to be solved as much as anyone else. The Run DMC DJ - real name Jason Mizell - was gunned down in his Queens, New York, studio in October 2002 - but his murder has gone unsolved due to lack of evidence. Only one man has been named for his involvement in Mizell's death - convicted drug dealer Ronald 'Tinard' Washington - but he has not been charged. Allen, who was one of few witnesses in the fatal shooting, claims he has been working with authorities to find the hip-hop icon's killer. But he is angered by a recent article in the New York Daily News in which the Mizell family condemned him for not co-operating with the police investigation. Mizell's brother, Marvin Thompson, is quoted in the paper as saying: "As far as I'm concerned, everybody that was there and hasn't said anything had something to do with it. "It's five years already and none of his so-called friends that were in the studio have come forth yet. Come on, you were in the studio and didn't see nothing? It just doesn't make no sense." But Allen insists he has been plagued by the tragic events of that night (30Oct02) and has been trying to identify the gunman for himself. He tells MTV.com, "Every day when I go to sleep, I can hear Jay say, 'Randy, go get Nita, go get Marvin, go get Bo and go get my mom. You'll go get with them, and you'll find out who shot me.' "That part of it - (people seeing me as) being a bad guy - I'll deal with it, but... I can't do that anymore. I'm done with it... And if there's anything about the street code, about people saying, 'Keep it real to the streets', and, 'Snitching is bad'... I want everybody to know that don't reflect with me... If it takes forever with me, I'm here in NYC (New York City) to straighten it out. And I've been here for five years on it."