The family of RUN DMC star Jam Master Jay are "distressed" and "outraged" over a new book, which claims the DJ was a drug runner in the 1990s.

Jay, real name JASON MIZELL, was murdered in a Queens, New York City, recording studio in November 2002. His murderer is still to be brought to justice.

In forthcoming book QUEENS REIGNS SUPREME: FAT CAT, 50 CENT, AND THE RISE OF THE HIP-HOP HUSTLER, New York magazine music editor ETHAN BROWN writes, "By the mid 1990s, Jay had become so desperate that he began running small amounts of cocaine, two or three kilos at a time, down Interstate 95 from New York to Baltimore to one of the city's most well-connected distributors, according to a source who worked closely with the distributor in Baltimore."

In response, FERN YATES, a spokeswoman for the late hip-hop star's family, says, "This detail came out right after Jay's murder, and the police have told us they investigated it and that this information is false.

"Unless Mr Brown is able to prove this, he cannot just put this kind of comment in print. We are distressed and offended. The family is outraged. I'm shocked at AnchorBooks as well for printing this."

Brown maintains, "I've interviewed so many of Jay's friends and family that I really feel this is a fair portrayal of him. I hope they'll see that once they read it. It's not a gossipy, snipey kind of book at all."