LATEST: Jam Master Jay's alleged killer lived in a home owned by the slain DJ in the weeks before he was murdered. Federal authorities in the US believe Ronald 'Tinard' Washington is one of two men responsible for the death of the Run D.M.C. founder, born Jason Mizell, who was gunned down in his New York studio on 30 October 2002. According to, Washington lived in Mizell's childhood home in Queens, New York City. A source tells AllHipHop, "Jay knew these guys since he was a kid. We all knew Tinard's history, he was in and out of jail. Jay's cousin got Tinard living in Jay's f**cking crib. The crib Jay's father left for him. He got Tinard living there. Jay wasn't pleased and said 'he gotta come up outta there.'" Washington has denied any involvement in the murder, accusing cops of trying to pin "all the blood in rap" on him.