Police investigating the murder of hip-hop icon Jam Master Jay have gotten one step closer to identifying the killer, after it emerged the alleged gunman had a distinctive tattoo on his neck. The Run DMC DJ, real name Jason Mizell, was gunned down in his Queens, New York, studio in October 2002 - but his murder has gone unsolved due to lack of evidence. Only one man has been named for his involvement in Mizell's death - convicted drug dealer Ronald 'Tinard' Washington - but he has not been charged. But now evidence given by witness Randy Allen, Mizell's longtime business partner, has been made public for the first time - revealing details about the killer and how the gunman embraced the producer before shooting him in the head at point-blank range. In the witness account, Allen recalls, "Jay looked up at the guy to say what's up. And the next thing you know, a shot goes off." In an interview to the New York Daily News, he adds, "My buddy's lying there, bleeding from his head. I'm looking at Jay and my head is gone. All I know is he's not moving. And all I could think about was who the f**k had just left." Cops hope the newly-released information will help to prompt people's memory in an attempt to identify the killer.