Jaleel White has been chatting to Jimmy Kimmel, after being eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night's show. Jimmy wanted to know why Jaleel didn't do the Urkel dance (the dance that he famously performed as a child actor on Family Matters) "I waited too long," he told the chat show host, joking that he'd been saving the dance for a freestyle at the end, not knowing that he'd be kicked out before he got the opportunity.
During the chat with Kimmel, Jaleel and his dance partner Kym Johnson both laughed off the question of their supposed feud that was reported on a few weeks ago. "Let me tell you something. You know Dancing with the Stars? If they catch you attacking each other, they air it! The tabloids had some fun with it. It is what it is." After the show on Monday, White was complaining that he hadn't had enough praise from the judges, after working so hard on the routines all week.
Neither Kim nor Jaleel enjoyed the dance duel, with Kym saying "it is awful." Jaleel added "the dance duel is misery, man" and even Jimmy's other guest, David Arquette - who was Kym's partner on a previous season of Dwts - didn't like it, according to Kym. It was a tearful farewell from the show for Jaleel, though he had cheered himself up and was in good spirits on the chat show.