Sherri Shepherd has spoken out in defence of her fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant Jaleel White, after he was accused of being out of control after an incident in which he trod on his dance partner Kym Johnson's foot. This week, the focus of the dance routines was on life-changing moments, with contestants selecting a song from a year when something influential happened to them.
Emotions had clearly been running high, as was evidenced in this week's show, when Katherine Jenkins broke down in tears in front of the judges after dedicating her dance to her late father. The contestants had had less time than normal to learn the dances and Sherri is quoted by People magazine as saying "These dances were emotional for everyone. Everybody wants to do well. We all want to be here," downplaying the alleged incident. Shepherd's dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy added "When you're passionate about something you tend to take things personal and maybe frustration kicks in. The intentions are always good and I can vouch for every single person on this cast - celebrity to dancer. No one is maliciously trying to hurt anybody else or put anybody else down. ... People want to do their best and they go about it different ways."