Jake Shears thinks Scissor Sisters have always had ''two songs'' on every album which are ''crappy''.

The band's front-man - who is joined in the group by Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real - admits he is not always happy with the output from their previous records but believes new album 'Magic Hour' does not contain anything sub-par.

He said: ''I'm very critical of our own stuff, but song for song, this is our best album.

''On our prior records there are two songs on each of them that I think are pretty crappy. I truly love all of the songs on this record. I'm super-proud of it.''

Ana believes it is one of their most eclectic albums, and hopes the audience can find something in the variety of sounds that they like.

She added: ''The key is that we don't just have one arrow in our quiver we have many.

''We try to keep our audience, just as much as ourselves, entertained by the variety of sounds we use.''