SCISSORS SISTERS frontman Jake Shears has slammed middle America for forcing gay musicians to hide their sexuality.

The camp New York group are up front about their sexuality, but claim many American stars are forced to live a lie because of many American's conservative views.

Despite having a huge following in Europe, Australasia and Asia, the LAURA stars are yet to match their popularity in their native America.

Shears says, "There have been loads of gay bands in the US. Just because we're not closet cases like everyone else.

"If you want me to name names, I will. Robbie Williams is a gay man. Just look at him.

"The only difference with us is that we have the balls to admit it. What I think is amazing in the UK is that no one cares whether we're gay, straight of whatever. People just seem to love the music."

08/02/2005 09:03