Jake Shears would love to reunite Scissor Sisters to mark the 10th annivesrary of the band's debut album.

'Night Work', which reached number two in the Official UK Chart, reaches the milestone in 2020, and the 39-year-old singer would love to get back together with his bandmates - Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real - to mark the occasion.

The 'Take Your Mamma' hitmaker says another way they could celebrate is by releasing an album featuring songs that were scrapped when they were making the record, which he feels are worth seeing the light of day.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: ''I would really love to do a Night Work 10th anniversary record (in 2020). There is also an entire record that we just scrapped and there are some amazing songs.

''I would love to put that stuff out in the next couple of years. It is a lot of fun and the fans will love it.''

However, Jake insists that new music from the alternative pop group is unlikely anytime soon, as he's focused on his solo career.

The flamboyant performer, who releases his self-titled debut solo album on August 10, said: ''As far as making a new Scissor Sisters record, I don't know. Maybe when I finish my fourth Jake Shears record. I just love what I'm doing now but I would never write off another Scissors record.

''You just have to wait for that inspiration to come.''

The 'Filthy/Gorgeous' hitmakers went on an indefinte hiatus in 2012 after the release of their fourth studio album 'Magic Hour'.

Jake insists it was harmonious and they are still close, but that it was the right time for them to do their own thing.

He explained: ''There were no fallouts, or a bitter break-up, when Scissor Sisters went their separate ways and live their own lives for a while and end it on a high.

''It was just time to do something different, although it took a while to decide what.

''I really didn't know where to go from the last record.

''This band had hijacked everyone's life for ten years.

''No one in the group thought they were going to be playing all over the world in this pop rock band -- nobody.''