Jake Shears never thought Lily Allen would be successful.

The Scissor Sisters frontman admits he took a dislike to the 'Not Fair' hitmaker when they first met several years ago and didn't expect her dreams of pop stardom to be fulfilled.

He said: "I did not like her at all when I first met her. It was in New York two years before the first album came out, she would come to New York to see a friend of ours and we would go out for dinner.

"She was very sullen and sulky. She told me she was recording an album and I was rolling my eyes going, 'Yeah go for it girl. You go be a popstar, good luck with that.' And then f course, I was so wrong. But I've grown to love her."

Jake is also close friends with Kylie Minogue and admits he loves having drunken nights out with the singer.

He added: "When she's in the mood she's wild. When she's got the devil in her, she's so fun. She loves a good time."