Country star Jake Owen has turned to his tourmate Tim Mcgraw for tips on parenting after learning he is to become a father later this year (12).
The singer and his new wife Lacey Buchanan announced their baby news last week (begs02Jul12) and Owen insisted on finding out the sex of their unborn child as soon as they could so he would be better prepared for the tot's arrival.
He tells, "I was like, 'Let's find out what the baby is.' I wasn't into the surprise of it. I was already surprised when I found out she was pregnant!"
Owen admits he was "scared at first" when he discovered they were having a daughter because he knows nothing about girls, but he has since relaxed and has called on MCGraw for help, as the veteran singer is dad to three daughters with his wife Faith Hill.
He says, "Even doing what we do, guys out here (on the road) show that it's possible to be a good dad. Tim was just outside working out and he has his daughters right there with him."
And the singer is confident he will be able to balance work with his responsibilities as a father, thanks to the support of his wife: "She loves me and believes in me more than any person I've ever met in my life. Thank God for her because she's going to be an absolutely amazing mother. She's the most caring human being I've ever met in my life."
Owen wed Buchanan in May (12).