Country music star Jake Owen had to give up his dream of becoming a professional golfer after a surfing accident.

The One That Got Away singer was on course to become a PGA Tour regular when a shoulder injury messed up his swing and he was forced to seek out another profession.

He recalls, "I had some shoulder surgery and that doesn't go hand in hand with golf.

"I was in college at that time and my dad said, 'Get a job!' So I figured playing guitar and getting free beer was a pretty good job at the time and then it turned into a real job... I actually taught myself how to play while I was still in a sling. It's worked out pretty good."

And a recent golfing accident has made Owen realise he was probably not cut out to be a sportsman.

He explains, "I was playing in the At&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California and the third day I was there, 12th hole, I was as nervous as hell... I hit a decent shot but it hit this guy in the top of the head and I felt so bad... I got an email from the guy on Facebook and he ended up having seven staples in his head and a concussion.

"He was still cool about it. He asked me if I got up and down for par off of his head, which I didn't."