Jake Johnson helped 'New Girl' to get a final season renewal.

The 39-year-old actor - who plays Nick Miller in the US sitcom - revealed that when the show was under threat of cancellation, he and some of the other castmembers were encouraged by creator Liz Meriwether to plead with Fox co-chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman for a final season.

He told TV Line: ''I was one of [cast members] that wrote them and asked for more. I said, 'I don't think you gave us enough time to finish the show the right way. And I would really appreciate - and I think the fans would appreciate - a final goodbye to these characters.'

''I've done a lot of projects - and some of the projects have fans and some don't. And to be on a television show that actually has a group of people who care [is special].'

The pleas worked and 'New Girl' was renewed for an eight-episode final season, which will feature a four-year time jump.

Jake said: ''I think it's cool to do a time jump. I think we were running in circles a little bit, so I think jumping forward [is smart]. Everyone is a little further along [with their lives].'

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Colin Trevorrow revealed that Jake won't be appearing in 'Jurassic World 2'.

Jake starred as the Jurassic Park T-shirt wearing Lowery Cruthers, who was part of the team responsible for the dinosaur-filled theme park's security, in 'Jurassic World' and although the character will not be seen in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' he could appear in the franchise again in the future.

Colin said: ''He's not in 'Jurassic World 2' for the same reason that any other actor would be excluded from a movie. Unless we can find a genuine, organic way to make it not seem like he's just in it because he was a great character in a previous film. It doesn't mean he'll never be back and I've had conversations with almost all of the actors going back to the previous films about how important their legacies are to these movies and yet also how important it is continuously change and evolve them into something new.''