Jake Gyllenhaal loves being an uncle.

The actor is besotted with sister Maggie Gyllenhaal's two daughters, Ramona, six, and three-month-old Gloria, and describes the girls as ''extraordinary''.

He added: ''They are the best thing that happened to my family probably ever.''

Jake, 31, admits he can see similarities between Ramona and Gloria and him and 34-year-old Maggie when they were growing up.

He told 'Anderson Live': ''It's a similar dynamic between me and my sister to this day. I think we are each other's toughest critics, but we also, I think, love each other's work more than anyone else.

''Even at this age, my older niece will come up to her [sister] and joke to her, and she'll laugh and then she'll run away and she starts to cry.''

Jake recently joked he was a ''troubled uncle'', saying: ''I play a troubled uncle (in new movie 'End of Watch'), which is not dissimilar to my real life! I have a three-month-old niece and a six-year-old niece.''