THE GOOD GIRL star Jake Gyllenhaal's first man-on-man kissing scene proved to be an unsanitary experience - because his lips were left covered in dead skin.

Gyllenhaal is currently shooting his role as Heath Ledger's gay cowboy lover in Brokeback Mountain, and he admits that while he and the Australian screen star have yet to lock lips, his previous experience with another actor made the upcoming scene even more off-putting.

He says, "I have kissed another actor in another scene. He had acne. He'd been taking ACUTANE, the acne medicine, so his skin was really dry.

"I remember us both really not wanting to do it and I remember when we had to kiss eventually, it was like I just had dead skin all over my lip. It was disgusting! As if it wasn't bad enough already!"

24/05/2004 09:17